Terré Holmes -  EnvisionU is a transformational teaching company for entrepreneurs.

What Clients Say

I've worked with women business owners, as well as a few lucky men along this journey and I'm always so grateful when they are pleased with the services I provide.

Terré Holmes has spoken into my life for some time now but, since the fall of 2016 she has given me invaluable and sound advice for my business! Her timely words have left me both uncomfortable and exhilarated.

When I am afraid to try something new, she helps me dig deeper to see why I'm resistant. She sees ways for me to bring in multiple streams of income that I never thought of.  Plus, how to spin those ideas uniquely and creatively.  She prods me to promote my business more effectively than what's expected in my field.  Because Terré stays abreast of industry trends and leaders, she has suggested blogs, articles, websites, and social media accounts I should read and follow. Her knowledge is vast and varied. However, most importantly Terré makes me feel valued. This is what sets her apart and why she is my coach and mentor.


Terré offers great insight on how to build a sustainable and profitable business. I had the privilege of discussing with her my business startup endeavors and she offered my business partners and I the direction we needed to take our business to the next level. It was very clear that she has a lot of experience working with businesses and more importantly, she knows how to use her plethora of past experiences and knowledge to teach others how to replicate successful practices.


- CEO at Life Triage

My coaching experience with Terré has been one of the most beneficial actions that I have taken. She provided me with insight, accountability and motivation that I would not have been able to provide for myself. No matter what you do in life, coaching is a requirement for pushing your limits beyond what you can do for yourself. I am grateful that I have a coach like Terréto push me to the next level.


It has always been my dream to write and publish a book. Meeting with Dr. Holmes at EnvisionU, helped me to prioritize the steps needed to make my dream come true. I would recommend Dr. Holmes' services to anyone looking to take the next step toward achieving their goals.

NITA MCGEE -  AUTHOR of The Beautiful Glass Doors

Terré Homles is an absolutely phenomenal business coach. I had the great pleasure of working with her in a group coaching setting that she spearheaded to give clarity, consistency, and support to myself as well as three other ladies. Terré is a brilliant business woman, creative, and an incredible listener. Being apart of her coaching group was the best thing that could have happened for me as a new entrepreneur. She is the real deal.


Coaching women is a rewarding experience. It is not one I take lightly. This is why I selected Terré Holmes to mentor me. With her skillful expertise and caring spirit, she helped me envision what my ministry could be. Then she provided wise action steps to move me from vision to action. I value the choice I made.