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Why My Sister Said "No" and I Almost Cried

Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.
— Terré Holmes
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Ever heard the saying, "what you resist, persist?"

Here's what I know for sure, my greatest breakthroughs have come when I was experiencing my greatest resistance. All of those times I wanted to talk myself out of something because it cost too much, it didn't fit into my schedule, I didn't like someone else who was involved in the project, I was uncomfortable, or too afraid of failing; those moments were testing me.

If I had listened to those defeating voices every time, I probably would have never visited over 35 US states, traveled to 2 continents and counting, broken bread with award winning speakers, diplomats, authors, and artist, served over 30,000 children through the arts, spoken on stages to thousands, tight roped on the beach in Panama with the natives (literally) and lived in places that have left me both speechless and breathless, while taking leaps that others have only dreamt about.

Listen, your world is as vast as your beliefs, but it is also as small as your beliefs. When you start to think and act differently, some amazing things will show up for you. I know. I'm experiencing some life changing moments right now. All because of a few breathtaking decisions I've been making.  One of which was to trust my intuition and move to Maryland last year and the other was to follow that inner voice and create my 4 city tour called LIVE and Bounce Back.

So, how did my sister almost make me cry?  Well, I asked her to volunteer at the upcoming event in Cleveland and she said "no". She must have read my last blog post The Best Traits of a Selfish Woman, where I talked about the power of "no", but the nerve of her to tell her big sis, "no".  Didn't she remember all of those times I babysat the kids, agreed to be the designated driver, listened to her go on and on and on about, well, let me not digress.  The bottom line is, she said, "no".

As quiet as it's kept, I was actually proud of her.  Maybe a little peeved, but proud.  You see, once you say "no", no further explanation is required, but here's the really good part, the part that made me want to cry.  The Universe gets to work creating your "YES"!

Little sis said she didn't want to volunteer this time, because she wants to come and get what she needs for her.  I was blown away!   Look at that, my little sister, positioning herself to receive her yes.  Knowing that if she's distracted or focused on anything else, she can't and won't get what she needs.  What a way to step into your 40 birthday this year little sis.

She's ready and positioned to take action in her own life and to claim her front row seat.  After all of this, I couldn't dare make her sit in the back.  She's fired up, because she's heard me talk about our line up of speakers, including former church first lady, author, speaker, and stylist Alaina Holloway, who, just over a year ago, brought my sister to tears when she heard her tell her story of losing everything behind her husbands drug addiction and rebuilding it all from scratch.  She's heard me mention the woman who'll share her empowering story of creating a multi-million dollar real estate business from her college dorm room with her husband and she knows bits and pieces of the stories of the other gritty women who will grace our stage on that day as well.

I couldn't believe my ears when she told me her plan, but then again, we are cut from the same cloth.  So, kudos to you little sis, for saying "no" and positioning yourself for your finger snapping, foot tapping, jaw dropping, praise dancing, breathtaking, YES!  Your big sis is so delighted that you didn't resist this opportunity.  My team and I will see YOU on the 28th.

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Terre Holmes