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The BEST Traits of a Selfish Woman

She says NO without apology, because she knows that the word, "no" IS a complete sentence.  She believes that if it doesn't feed her, serve her, or it makes her feel uneasy in any way, the answer is "no".   This helps her remain in integrity, keep her word, and stay focused on the people and things that matter most.

She believes in taking breaks before she needs them and she knows the difference between running on passion and running on fumes.  Getting proper rest and nutrition is paramount to her.

She is opportunistic and always searching for the chance to make herself better, but she never forgets that opportunities should benefit others as well and that makes her a win-win kind of woman.

She is always focused on what she needs and she communicates what she needs to those who can make a difference.  She knows that if she doesn't state her desires, she can't blame others when she doesn't receive them.

She puts herself first, because she inherently understands that if she doesn't have what she needs, she won't and can't be of any benefit to others.

The selfish woman knows that when she hits a road block, she can't give up.  Not because others are depending on her, but because she depends on her.


Terre Holmes