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5 Tips to Unapologetically Win in 2018 

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Remember 2017.

The phrase, “Lest we forget” reminds us that the occurrences that have plagued our past, the atrocities that have been committed against us, the moments in our lives that have brought us the most pain or discomfort, should not be forgotten. It is in remembering that we gain the wisdom, fortitude, and courage to not only correct the course of the past, but to choose a different course should we be faced with similar challenges in the future. 

No matter what 2017 may have brought, 2018 is your “try it again” year.  Remember the mistakes that were made and vow to not remake them.  Remember the words that were spoken and vow next time to rethink them.  Remember the actions not taken and vow to take them.  Don’t forget what happened in 2017.  You need to remember, so that you don’t make the same mistakes twice.  Remember, you’re only as successful as your next decision.

Decide the trajectory of 2018.

What’s your favorite brand or product?  Chances are if it’s yours, it belongs to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more.  Brands don’t get to be favorites without making strong decisions and making them early.  Last year may have been hit or miss in some areas of your life because there was no plan in place to hit the mark every time you aimed for success.  Marks are only hit when you plan your course of action, place your eye on the target, and take the shot.

So, what are your plans for the rest of 2018 in your business, career, relationship, or finances?  It’s simple; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Decide now to make 2018 the best year of your life by making some solid plans for the next 3 quarters and putting them into action.  Apple didn’t become the technology giant they are by waiting until their competitor was ahead of them before they created products that literally changed the world.  No, they stayed ahead of the industry and forced everyone else to catch up or get left behind.  Set some goals around creating change in areas of your life that matter most to you.  Decide and then commit to the things you say you want and be relentless in your pursuit to get them. 

Don’t look back.

Hopefully, you’re off to a good start for 2018 and you’re not looking back.  Life will try to distract you and have you focused in a million different directions, but be mindful; no one can get to their destination looking back at where they’ve been or where they “think” they should be.  Stay focused on getting ahead by staying focused on where you’re going.  Don’t let the distractions of the world set you off course. 


There are some people and things that need to be extracted from your life in order to finish the rest of the year strong.  You know what and who they are.  Get to work.

Move forward with intention.

A life without intention is a hap hazardous life.  No one finds success without being intentional about it.  Be hell bent on making the rest of this year a success: decide, plan, execute and consider this, you can’t get to Arizona following a road map to Rhode Island.  Your intentions for 2018 will be displayed in both your actions and your inaction.  Move forward with a plan to make this your best year yet.  Why?  Because there are so many people counting on you to do exactly what you said you would do.  It’s because of you that many of them even made it through 2017.  You’re a leader.  Be intentional about it.

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