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Girls Who Lack Confidence Become Women Who Do

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of speaking to a room full of professional millennial women around the topic of self-confidence. The room was quiet and still, with perfectly placed bursts of laughter throughout my talk. Afterwards, nearly every woman in the room approached and shared with me how much they needed to hear what I had shared. How much they could relate and how in that very moment, they were experiencing something I had mentioned. Many spoke spoke of choking back tears. That’s when I knew, I was on to something.

This conversation is critical, because so many young girls suffer with feelings of doubt and inadequacy and those same young girls, often become women who suffer through the same. Confidence is something that is practiced and developed over time. We practice failing and we build our confidence for success, but we also build up our confidence muscle by surrounding ourselves with people who elevate us, as opposed to those who tear us down.

Watch the video and learn how you can rebuild your confidence by remembering this one very important thing.