What are you willing to give up, so that you might gain something else, so much more valuable?
— Terre Holmes

From September of 2016 to July of 2017, I lost a lot. On September 25 I brokenheartedly separated from my husband of only 1 year and on September 30, days later, my maternal grandmother Lillie, died of Ovarian cancer.

For the next 6 months life seemed more unpredictable than it had ever been before; it seemed I loss a relative a month and due to uncontrollable causes, I became a caregiver for my 91 year old paternal grandmother and her husband and since she was no longer able to care for her son, whom she had taken care of for most of his life, I became a caregiver for him as well, all the while mourning the loss of my marriage.  

The ex and I eventually divorced in March of 2017 and my soul ached a lot.  I was shocked, embarrassed, and relieved that I had escaped with only an aching soul and that I hadn't completely lost it. 

Through it all I learned one valuable lesson, you may lose material possessions, as I loss my home, some worldly possessions, and some sleepless nights during the separation and shortly after the divorce, but the one thing I never loss, was me.

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The woman who loses everything except her soul, really loses nothing at all.
— Terre Holmes