Terré Holmes: A soul-stirring transformational speaker and survivor of childhood trauma and divorce. Terré transforms.


Terré Holmes is a Transformational Speaker who presents on topics of ResiliencyOvercoming Imposter SyndromeUrban Education, and How Forgiveness Improves Workplace Productivity

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Sparking change. Transforming lives.

Terré Holmes is a transformative keynote speaker known for her transparent messaging and an honesty that reaches deep down and touches audiences at their core.  Her message ignites her listeners to create change in their personal lives and businesses and transcends culture, gender, race, and age.  As a result, she has delivered her keynotes and workshops, as well as sat on panels for audiences around the country from educators, to entrepreneurs to corporate executives and distinguished business leaders.

A celebrated speaker, entrepreneur and mentor, Terré’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and corporate teams overcome the challenges they face with absolute determination.  She shows them that if they are fearless and persistent, they can be unstoppable in reaching their goals.

After hearing Terré’s story, audiences will walk away with the tools they need and the empowerment to transform their own lives and businesses.  They walk away with the willingness and desire to shift their thinking, make new decisions, and change the trajectory of their existence.

Her personal challenges are unimaginable to many; authentic in nature, her story is riveting and it makes her audience realize that challenges are meant to shape us, not defeat us.  Her keynotes are useful and powerful for creating long lasting change in any organization.


Dr. Terré talks with WAFF's Kimberly Essex about the ONE MAJOR thing women can do to start over after they've loss everything. You'd be surprised by what it is.
Terré leaves audiences with applicable tools they can use to change their own lives.  She speaks at conferences around the nation on topics of overcoming adversity, resilience and mindset shift.

A survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, divorce, and insurmountable failure to achieving immeasurable success, though others may inspire, Terré’s life is the message.  Her message is delivered from her soul, drawing from her own powerful and inspiring story of perseverance, faith, and resilience, she uses her life to inspire change in thousands and to implore them to not give up when life is against them and to use their own inner power to rebuild, reboot, and reposition themselves for success.  Once a victim, today she is living a life of victory.


1. Terré is Transparent – She has an authenticity on stage that stirs people's emotions, reaches them at their core and makes her relatable across gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.

2.Customizable Speeches - Terré speeches are tailored to your audience to help them overcome adversity and develop an unstoppable mindset.

3. Tools and Takeaways - Your audience will be empowered and inspired with the tools they need to create immediate and long lasting change.

4. Unique & Universal – There's nothing like a story that reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit. Terré's story is unique, yet universal in many ways. She ignites change in audiences and inspires them to reach new heights, challenge their greatest fears, and face life resiliently.

5. It's All About You – Terré is a powerful transformational speaker who uses her personal story to convey her message to your audience, but she understands innately that her message is about you and your client and that her job is to assure that she delivers a keynote that resonates, translates, and garners the results you desire.

Let it be known, Terré is a master teacher, storyteller, and enthusiastic business woman who makes it her job to deliver results for her audiences, so that each person walks away with the tools they need to create change, lead more confidently, and overcome any obstacle that stands before them.

Audiences are moved by Terré's transparency, charisma, and confidence on stage. Book Terré today.

Author of a motivational book: A story of triumph over tragedy – “Persist; Inspiring Stories About Winning in the Game of Life When Losing Isn’t An Option”, is her 6th book to be released with authors from around the world in spring of 2019.   Simply put, Terré is a  skilled and compelling orator, with a servant heart, a love of entrepreneurship and a passion for people and a sought-after transformational speaker for clients looking to empower their corporate teams to become the best versions of themselves and deliver the results they demand.

Media and Appearances: Terré has been featured on multiple news and talk shows around the country as a thought leader, empowering women to overcome adversity and emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

Consider Dr. Terré to speak, moderate, or teach for your next;

  • Panel

  • Luncheon

  • Education Conference

  • Business Conference

  • Corporate Training

  • Retreat

  • Commencement Ceremony

  • Podcast

  • Workshop and more...

Topics Include, But Are Not Limited To;


Terré's most popular keynote topic is the significance of a changed mindset. She teaches that every obstacle can be overcome, new skills can be developed, and a positive mentality can change the outcome of anyone.  These beliefs are what she aims to instill in her audiences.

This presentation will surely leave your audience with clear tools for actionable transformation.

Format: 30-45 minute (Terré works with your timeframe).

This program is designed for;

  • Senior Management

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Educational Leaders

  • Team Leaders – Middle Management

  • Sales Teams

Learning Objectives

  • How to eliminate excuses for ultimate success.

  • How to make good decisions when you’re faced with many choices.

  • Discover the power of letting go.

  • Discover the secrets to better self-awareness.

  • How to heal a traumatized pass.

  • Be empowered to become your personal best.


In this keynote Terré connects with your audience through her personal life-changing stories of loss, illness, and starting over from nothing.

Filled with storytelling, humor, and practical tools for helping people overcome and win in life and business, this message is inspiring, transparent, and timely.

Format: 30-45 minute (Terré works with your timeframe).

This program is designed for;

  • Senior Management

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Educational Leaders

  • Team Leaders – Middle Management

  • C-Level Executives

  • Sales Teams


  • How to use your past to create a winning future.

  • How to not be dissuaded by the mistakes of the past.

  • Discover the 5 traits of mentally strong people.

  • How to reboot after life’s setbacks.


In this keynote, Terré shares principals from the book, "The Confidence Code" to teach audiences;

  • How to show up confidently in work and life.

  • How to lead more confidently in business.

  • How to use confidence to get anything they desire.

Format: 30-45 minute (Terré works with your timeframe).

This program is designed for;

  • Senior Management

  • C-Level Executives

  • Team Leaders – Middle Management

  • College Students

  • Sales Teams


  • Learn how and why confidence sells.

  • Learn why men scientifically have more confidence than women and how both men and women can tap into a greater sense of confidence overall.

  • Learn the 5 traits all successful leaders have and how to develop them.

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