Terré Holmes


Terré Holmes is a Transformational Speaker who presents on topics of ResiliencyOvercoming Imposter SyndromeUrban Education, and How Forgiveness Improves Workplace Productivity


Dr.Terré Holmes understands innately that our stories aren’t for us.  She believes they are gifts to be given away so that we can help others find meaning, have more empowered experiences in life, and create businesses and lives they unapologetically love.

As a transformational life and business coach, her messages are witty, inspiring, and actionable.  She sincerely believes that inspiration without action is fruitless and as a speaker, workshop presenter, and guest lecturer, Dr. Terré has delivered talks to colleges and universities, school districts, non-profits, and other entities. Including; the University of Alabama, Columbia College Chicago, Bucknell University, the University of Chicago, Ohio State University and many more.

She works with small business owners and C-Suite executives helping them to gain the confidence they need to be better leaders, close more lucrative business deals, and own the stage and the room each time they enter into it through her signature coaching program, “Turn Confidence into Cash.”

Dr. Terré spent 20 years working as a non-profit professional, a college professor, and K-12 classroom teacher, as well as nearly 15 years as a business owner.  Her vast experiences shape the messages she delivers to corporations, educational institutions, and women’s organizations.  She is outgoing, passionate about helping people create change in their lives and in their businesses. Also, she is an advocate for education and inner-city youth, and a woman who practices what she teaches.  She prides herself on delivering presentations that are transparent, authentic, and rich in content and delivery.   

Between September of 2016 and October of 2017, Dr. Terré experienced every kind of loss and trauma imaginable.  She loss several family members to serious illnesses and accidents, she went through a painful divorce, she became a caretaker for two of her grandparents and an uncle, and she nearly lost her own life on October 7, 2017, when she was hospitalized for PE after the doctors discovered multiple blood clots all over her lungs.  Terré now shares her experiences on stress, overcoming and rebuilding after failure, as well as resiliency, with audiences across the world.  She is the host of the soon to be released podcast, Persist, the best-selling author of the book “Love Lessons for Single Happy Girls”, co-author of the book, "UPFRONT; An Entrepreneurs Quick Start Guide" and a mentor and advocate for women in business.  If given the opportunity she would love to share one of her transformative messages with your audience.

Her topics include; 

  • Peace in the Midst of Chaos; Keys to Staying Centered and Focused During Stressful Moments in Life

  • Lead Like an Eagle

  • Great Teams Aren't Born, They're Built!

  • Starting Over from Scratch; Eliminating the Hurdles that Stop You from Beginning Again

  • Redefining Success: Are You Ready for a New Definition?

  • IMPOSTER SYNDROME; 5 Keys to Overcoming It

Workshops & Trainings

  • Mastering the 7 Characteristics to Help You Lead Like an Eagle

  • Discovering Your Strengths for Better Productivity in the Workplace

  • Walking the Tightrope; Strategies for Finding Harmony in Work and Life

She also customizes talks and is available to speak as an Opening Speaker, Keynoter, or Workshop Presenter at; 

  • Luncheons

  • Education Conferences

  • Business Conferences

  • Corporate Trainings

  • Retreats

  • Commencement Ceremonies

  • Seminars and more...

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