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Why this book?

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Well, I speak on resiliency often and I never have anything about my story to leave behind. The thing is, I bet you have a story as well that touches the souls of people who hear it and they would love it, if you could just leave them with a piece of who you are. This book is yours and my opportunity to do just that.

What is the title of the book?

PERSIST; Inspiring Stories About Winning in the Game of Life When Losing Isn’t An Option

What is the book about?

The book shares the personal stories of individuals who didn’t give up in life, but who pushed through and succeeded in spite of their circumstances.  The book covers topics like; divorce, loss, starting over, family challenges, career changes, overcoming illnesses, parenting, and much more.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience for this book are primarily women leaders and entrepreneurs, but the book will also appeal to those who are into personal development.

What is the tone of the book? (Novel, Academic, Informative etc..)

Think of Chicken Soup for the Soul.  The book should read like a personal, inspirational narrative.  The content should be in first person and no more than 1800 words in length.  It should also leave the audience with a lesson or two.

How many authors will be sharing their stories?

There will be more than 20 authors sharing their stories from around the world.

Will I still own my story?

No.  We ask that you write and submit original work that has never been published elsewhere.  Once you share it with us, Turner Holmes Publishing House we will have all rights to the work.  You can not share your individual story under any circumstances.  It can only be shared within the context of Persist, the book.

Will your team edit my chapter?

Yes.  Turner Holmes Publishing has contracted an editor to edit your work, but we require that you follow our guidelines HERE to thoroughly edit your own work before submitting it to us.

But I’m not a writer. So how do I write a good story?

No worries. I’m a former English teacher and I’m going to be your writing coach. You’ll receive step-by-step emails guiding you along your writing journey. I’ll share tips and resources you can use to become a better writer. My hope is that what you write for this book, will spark you to tell your entire story in your very own book and you’ll have the tools to do so.

How many authors will be sharing their stories?

There will be more than 20 authors sharing their stories from around the world.

What do I get for my investment?

  • You get the financial and time freedom of not having to self-publish, because the book will be professionally copy edited, published, and some marketing will be done by our team. This alone will save you at least $2,500+ and let’s not forget the days and months it would take to write your entire story in a solo book.

  • Depending on your package, you will receive between 10 and 50 paperback copies of the book to sell at $20 each.

  • You get to co-author your story with nearly 20 business owners, speakers, coaches, and thought leaders from around the world and they will be sharing your story with their networks around the globe, giving you additional exposure for your business or brand.

  • You get to market your business in the back of the book and on our books’s website for the world to see.

  • You gain even more credibility in your area of expertise.

  • You get to share your story with the world via Amazon.

  • You get to purchase more books at a deeply discounted price to sell at events and on your website.

  • I’ll also teach my system for pre-selling your books and recouping your investment even before the book is published.

  • You get to create an additional stream of income for yourself as an author.

What are my payment options?

There are 3 payment options and payment arrangements can be made on an as need basis. Please see attachment HERE.

We will not accept your story until you have made your payment in full and the deadline for submitting the stories is November 20.

What if I need more time to pay?

You’re in my tribe and part of being on my e-mail list is that there are perks.

Email my team. Include your telephone number and the best time to talk and someone will reach out to discuss additional options.

Where will the book launch party be?

It will be at a beautiful venue in Washington, DC in March of 2019.

Can I have my own launch party?

Yes.  We encourage you to do so and to invite the other authors to help you market it and attend it as well.

What is the deadline?

The deadline is November 20th for your first draft. We know that it’s soon, but we don’t want you to have any excuses about getting this completed, but most importantly, we want to make sure that you don’t procrastinate. REMEMBER, your story can only be submitted when you have paid in full.

Can I get a refund?

There will be no refunds given.  Once you make your initial payment or deposit, that is to hold your spot. If you fail to deliver on time (by November 20th), you may lose your spot to someone else and you will not receive a refund for any monies already paid.

When will the book be published?

The book will be published to Amazon and available for purchase by February 2019.

What do I do with my chapter once it’s complete?

Once your chapter is complete, please email it to admin@terreholmes.com.  Include a bio that is 75 words or less and a high resolution photo of yourself.  

How do I start?

As soon as your payment is received, you’ll receive your steps for getting started within 24 hours.

If you require other options, including a payment plan, please email us with details.


Additional questions?

If you have additional questions after purchasing your spot to birth that book, you can send all questions to admin@terreholmes.com.  My team and I will be happy to answer them throughout the process.