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LIVE and Bounce Back

LIVE and Bounce Back is a multi-city tour with a mission to help women become even more resilient, learn from the stories of other women, and create greater success in their businesses, careers, and lives.

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Who is Dr. Terré?


I’m Dr. Terré Holmes, certified transformational speaker and life coach, award winning speaker and best-selling author and in March of 2017 I became a divorce survivor and 6 months later, in October of 2017 I survived a pulmonary embolism after having trouble breathing while visiting the city of Maryland, that I now call home. 

A month earlier I had been told that my symptoms were merely stress, but when I checked myself into John Hopkins Hospital on the morning of October 7th, I knew something wasn't right.  I could not breath without pain shooting through my rib cage.  I later learned that my lungs were dying and every minute they made me wait in that hospital room, I thought it would be my last. 

The doctors eventually discovered more blood clots on my lungs than they could count.  My blood was so thick, they couldn't draw it to even test. 

So much more happened during that time, but I swear, staring death in the face as I did, gave me a renewed reason for living.  Laying in that hospital room for 6 days, I decided to rededicate my life to empowering women through my speaking, mentoring, and storytelling.

I am a woman on a mission to help other women unapologetically create businesses, while leading lives they love and legacies they can be proud of.

I spent almost 20 years in education working over the years as a K-12 classroom teacher, a college professor, and a non-profit leader, in cities like Brooklyn, Cleveland, Chicago, and Abu Dhabi, while running several successful part-time businesses on the side.  As a result of my work and life experiences, in 2014, I was granted an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Indiana Tech University for my 20 years of services as an entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, mentor, and author.

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Why LIVE and Bounce Back?

Resilience is very different than being numb. Resilience means, you experience, you feel, you hurt, you fall, but no matter what, you get back up and try again.
— Terré Holmes

From September of 2016 - October 2017, after a very exhausting 13 months of loss, divorce, relocation, and a major illness, I DECIDED that I wasn't going to be a victim to the challenges I faced that year .

I DECIDED, I was going to rebuild my business, my life, and start giving my story away so that other women could find their healing, their message between the pages of my mess, and their strength to be BOLD, RESILIENT, and RESOURCEFUL.

I DECIDED that it wasn't enough to TALK about how I was bouncing back from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that tried to hold me back! I needed to create a movement to show other women how to do the same.

I DECIDED to gather my tribe of amazing women and share them with you, from Cleveland, to Maryland this year, and 4 additional cities in 2019.

My team and I are making a lot of decisions with YOU in mind, and we would love it, if YOU DECIDE(d) to join us on April 28th at our first annual event, LIVE and Bounce Back CLEVELAND!  You won't regret coming.  I promise.  But you might regret missing it.

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Each of us has a story which is a gift to be given away to someone else. 

It takes resilience to get to the finish line, but GRIT to get over it.  

When you educate a woman, you empower a village.  
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1.    This is a min-conference, but not your average conference.  It's meant to stir you up from the inside out, call you to action in your business, career, and life, and ignite you in a way that leaves you anxious to birth something new.

2.    My team and I don’t believe in half doing anything.  You won’t regret coming, but you will be sore if you miss it. (We're just saying.  Again :-)

3.    You should come with a sister-friend.  This experience is meant to be shared with someone whom you are growing with and can help keep you accountable.


  • BALANCING IT ALL; Steps to Put You First on Your List

  • Building a 5-9 You Love, Even When You Have a 9-5

  • Leave a Blessing, Not a Burden; Steps to Financial & Estate Planning

  • Tips for Recharging, Refueling, and Rebooting Your Life After Any Loss

The best advice, can come from the worse of experiences. Sometimes you have to travel through the storms, before you can help others prepare for them.
— Terré Holmes




Saturday, April 28, 2018 8AM-4PM

8AM - Breakfast, Networking, and Registration

9-12PM - General Session, Experience, and Breakouts

12-1PM - Lunch

1-4PM - General Session, Experience, and Breakouts continued

Join us for workshops, panels, networking, and community building at Jumpstart Cleveland

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