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Lillie and Eve SHOP

This shop creates original gift items for women.

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Lillie and Eve is a design company named after the founders two grandmothers; Evelyn and Lillie, who made her heavenly transition from Ovarian Cancer, at 10:30AM on Friday, September 30, 2016.

The design company caters to the customs, traditions, and practices of African-American people and each gift is original work, meant to add beauty, encouragement, and offer a sense of pride within the African-American community.

Fifteen percent of all proceeds go to a charitable organization that supports the empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

The Blessing Plate - An African-American Family Heirloom Plate

Terré Holmes, the Founder of Lillie & Eve wrote the Blessing Plate poem as she sat at her late grandmother's dining room table in the wee hours of the morning.  She was recently divorced, completely broke and broken and wanted to create a product to inspire others and support herself as she began her healing journey financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

At 2AM she began penning the poem, The Blessing Plate and by 2:30AM it was complete.  She shouted for joy, knowing that without the divine guidance of God and her late grandmother, Lillie, she could not have done it.


The plate is a beautiful historical piece, in which the giver signs and dates the plate upon giving it to the receiver.  After the plate has been passed down from person to person and signed by each receiver over the years, what is left, is a beautiful piece of hand signed art work.

The plate is passed down as a birthday, house warming, Easter, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or just because gift, as each person signs and dates it upon receipt, until the entire plate is filled with the beautiful handwritten signatures of each family member or friend who has come before them.

Every 6 months, a new plate will be designed and released, with original art work done by an African-American artist.  Be sure to get each new design and add it to your collection.

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The plate ships from Maryland within 7-10 business days.

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The woman who loses everything except her soul, really loses nothing at all.
— Terre Holmes

PURCHASE the t-shirt and support the movement to help other women and girls LIVE and Bounce Back; more resilient, more empowered, and more ready, than ever before. 15% of all proceeds go to a non-profit organization that supports women and girls.