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FIVERR Basics for Bootstrappers


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So You Can Sleep While Someone Else

Gets the Work Done

FIVERR is a great tool to use in your business if you're bootstrapping it, completely inundated with menial tasks and even if you're a successful business owner making a ton of money, but you just need some extra hands to get things done.

No matter where you find yourself in your business, if you want to learn how to use FIVERR to hire extra hands at a very low cost, I'll teach you how to hire the RIGHT person for the job and how to use FIVERR to get basic video, clerical, graphic design and much more done for a fraction of the cost.

As a former teacher and business owner, I love teaching what I know.

Listen, this is a FREE CLASS if you watch it LIVE ONLY.  Afterwards, the replay will be available for a fee.  Hope to see you  in class!


Join me for this FREE training and learn ;

1. The criteria I've used to secure people to write jingles for my business, do voice over work, logos, and more.

2. Who some of my favorite Pros are on FIVERR.

3. How to use FIVERR to find the best designers, writers, and marketers for your gigs.



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