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Here are books, courses, and resources we recommend for business and personal development. You can grow your business or improve your personal mindset with one of our digital courses or any of the books we love below.

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If you have a product or service that you need to share in order to bring on partners or investors, but you want to make sure you protect your idea, then this non-disclosure agreement is for you.  Fill it in and either send it to the other party to be signed or print it and complete and sign the hard copy.

This form protects you against someone stealing your idea, but in case of any uncertainty, always consult an attorney. - $24.97


Whether you need research, business cards, a website, or even a jingle, Fiveer is the place to go.  I've literally saved thousands of dollars in my business using this platform where gigs can range anywhere from $5 on up.

This webinar teaches you how to use Fiverr to save THOU$AND$  of dollars in your business.  Learn the tips and tricks for using Fiverr effectively, plus who some of my go to people are on the platform. - $19.97


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In this 45 minute audio I'll share my personal journey of forgiveness. Plus, why and how I learned the power of forgiveness and what lead me to start this work.  I'll candidly share my struggles with family addiction and how it affected me mentally and physically and why I often found it harder to forgive myself for the things I'd done to me.

The truth is ANYONE can learn to forgive and in order to be great in life, you have to learn to let go of any and everything holding you back. - (FREE GIFT)

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